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Why us

We are developing the most coherent logistics network, which includes the Demonstrated planning, focused on each single details, easily scalable, latest technology and consumer focused workflow. We pursue most of the core principle rules for a successful third party solution.

gps vehicle tracking system

State of the art

We provide the highest level of development with latest technology, which will improve the business workflow.
Real Time Vehicle Tracking

User Friendly

Intelligible workflow for all size of regional logistics. Technology make available the proven planning with attention to each details required on your fingertips.
fleet management system

24/7 Support

Our team is available with 24/ 7 maintenance support services to help you whenever required.

The Complete
GPS Tracking Solution

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What does we provide


A unified transport management that will give you complete digital solution of the supply chain for your business. We provide you with the third party solution, consumer-focused work and each single details you need with the latest technology available.

All in one

Our customers find the solution to essential of transport management under one roof. The Team of experts use the latest tools to integrate the most Comprehensible management with proven planning.

Intercity Logistics

The complete solution at your fingertips that includes the existing time tracking, billing, route status, comparatively sharp alert system and many more features with easy access details for users.

Client Service

Our clients will get the latest updates on their fleet allocation with managed and controlled access to an organization's assets such as data or services, which is within the application-programming interface.

Order Management

A comprehensive order management with each single details that could influence the cost of services. Advanced control panel to visualize the information of orders with securing data.

Fleet Service

Latest updates on real-time tracking and managed fleet information. Essential information included vendor, vehicles details, vehicles driver’s details etc. A telematics system that collects data in real-time tracking for fleet managers.


The complete and final report+ with investigative information that focused on the historical data. In addition, make alerts if there was any unfamiliar activity in-between the route.

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