Vehicle Tracking System

GPS Based Vehicle Tracking System

A vehicle tracking system allows to track precise locations of vehicles easily in a real time. It is a software-enabled device, which collects the data and pictures' vehicle locations on the screen. Modern edge vehicle tracking system mostly uses GPS tracking to discover vehicle locations. It is mostly used for tracking of business vehicles, personal households and public sectors across the world.

Features of GPS Vehicle Tracking:

Real-time GPS Tracking

This device is placed into vehicles to capture the location information. With real-time GPS tracking, businesses can view progress of vehicles in real time. It allows businesses to put a direct control on vehicles route for better decisions and improved customer experience.


  • Monitor vehicles in real time.
  • Take full control on what your vehicles are doing.
  • Manage your vehicles efficiently.
  • Get frequent updates.
  • Fleet manager can get accurate details of location and when vehicle is going to reach at its destination.
  • It also helps in theft prevention.
  • You can remotely block engine of vehicles in any emergency.
GPS Tracking

Instant Voice Call or SMS Alerts

GPS tracking system provides instant report on any event happening in your vehicle. An instant alert received on your mobile via SMS or voice call.

Route Replay

Vehicle tracking system provides journey details of vehicles minute by minute. It provides a details information about where have your vehicle been, speed of vehicle, and the status of your vehicle.

Geofence Facility

Geofencing is a feature of software which defines geographical boundries using the global positioning system. It allows administrator to set an alert when a vehicle enters or exits boundaries.

Multipurpose Reports

Vehicle tracking system provides multipurposr reports to make fleet management simpler and easier with professional charts. These charts provide views of vehicle usage, distance verses fuel consumed, comparison of vehicle speed against time, representation on temperature at variour hours. It also denotes fuel level overview of fuel level at particular hours of day along with real-time representation on performance of vehicle.

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